End of the Last War

The Assassination of Halber ir'Rezan

Halber ir’Rezan, noted friend of King Boranel, was recently found to be a member of the Order of the Emerald Claw. Given their penchant for assassinations of monarchy (with at least one or two Cyrian monarchs falling to their treachery early in the war), Boranel needed his counselor eliminated to curtail any future plotting. As outsiders who could not be linked back to the crown, the party was chosen. After meeting with the halfling Content Not Found: Calen of the Kings Dark Lanterns, the party secured a forged invitation to a gala Halber was throwing, along with a potent poison which would simulate cardiac arrest. While the more charismatic members of the party mingled, the more martial characters raided Halber’s private quarters, learning that he had used a recent illness as a cover for his conversion to vampirism (in fact, he had actually succumbed to his chronic health problems, but was rewarded by his unknown master with vampirism). Milinkithrik was able to rescue a human girl, Halber’s food supply, and detailed evidence was found for the security protocols for a number of high-ranking officials, indicating potential plans for further assassinations, as well as reference to something known as “Operation Thunderstorm”. Once this information was passed on, the party returned to the ir’Rezan estate just after daybreak, and quickly dispatched the vampire.

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